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New fishing group proposes ban by initiative of set nets that target Kenai River king salmon

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, November 07, 2013

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A group working to increase numbers of king salmon in the Kenai River is proposing a drastic measure — a ban on commercial set net fishing in Cook Inlet.

The new group calls itself the Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance.

The Anchorage Daily News reports Anchorage real estate developer Bob Penney is a director. Penney is a longtime Kenai River king salmon sport fishing advocate.

The group in a statement says king salmon stocks in Cook Inlet are at historic lows and set nets are making the problem worse.

Members are preparing a ballot initiative to ban set nets in "urban" Alaska.

Set nets are linear nets placed perpendicular to shore. One end anchored on a beach and the other placed in the water with a small boat.

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